Malcom Garret

Malcom Garret

Malcolm Garrett is a photographer, designer, and custom shoe artist who embodies all that we stand for. He is relentless in pursuing his creative passion and finds inspiration and beauty in everything around him. With no limitations or boundaries to hold him back, he uses his creativity to inspire others.

Malcolm believes that the youth are highly influential and need hope and encouragement. He loves being able to connect with people worldwide and spread positivity through his art. His favorite phrase is “just be” because it reminds him to tap into his higher self, which is most important.

Malcolm’s creations have been featured in many publications such as Complex Magazine, Refinery29, High Snobiety, Hypebeast, Adidas Originals, and more. He has also become an ambassador for brands such as Foot Locker Asia Pacific, Reebok Classics Japan, KITH NYC Japan and ASICS Tiger Europe. In addition to his artistry being seen across the globe, Malcolm has collaborated with many influencers including musicians such as Yung Lean & Skepta.

"Just be. Tap into your higher self - it's what's most important. Love yourself and know your worth."
–Malcom Garret

Malcolm’s success can be attributed to hard work and dedication in all aspects of his life. He puts 110% effort into each piece of work he creates which results in beautiful masterpieces that truly embody his unique style. As an artist without limits or boundaries, Malcolm continues to create stunning pieces of art that capture the attention of viewers from all over the world.

Malcolm Garrett is an inspiration to us all; living proof that if you put your mind to it you can achieve anything. His love for creativity shines through each masterpiece he produces with no limitations or boundaries holding him back from expressing himself freely. With every project he takes on, he demonstrates how passion plus hard work leads to success. So if you're ever feeling stuck, remember these words from Malcolm himself: "Just be. Tap into your higher self - it's what's most important. Love yourself and know your worth" - then you'll be well on your way towards creating something beautiful.